Dog Breeding

What To Expect When Your Dog Is Expecting!

The first thing to know is that your dog will be pregnant on average for 63 days. This is not very much time so make sure you are ready. Are you getting ready for your dog to have puppies? Having a litter of pups sounds like a lot of fun, but there is much work involved. Here are some tips on how to get your dog and you ready for birth....

Field Trials For Your Sporting Dog

For those of you who arenít too familiar with the term ďfield trials,Ē it is a sport in which the sporting dog competes under hunting conditions. The dog can pick up the scent of a rabbit or small animal and follow the trail until heís found it. There is also the bird trials where the animal retrieves a fallen bird. During competition, the different breeds are divided into various groups. The following groups are: Pointing Dog Trials, Retriever Trials, Spaniel Trials, Beagle Trials & Hound Trials. The following guidelines are an example of what is expected before entering your sporting dog. ...

Puppy Mills, Pet Stores, Shelters and Breeders:

There are many ways to acquire a new dog and some methods are definitely better than others. Puppy mills, pet stores, shelters and dog breeders are the most common sources of new pets for most people. Carefully examine the nature of each of these venues before buying a dog....

Top Ten Dog Breeds For The Elderly

Dogs have been making great companions for centuries now. They are loved by all ages. Everyone has their own preference as to what dog best suits their lifestyle. When choosing a dog, this is an important aspect to consider, especially for the elderly. Having a four legged friend can be comforting and can bring much joy to an elderly person. Studies have proven that having a dog around, improves the overall wellbeing of seniors. They can have someone to share their love with. Even nursing homes have grabbed onto the idea of having animals visiting or even living in the same venue. ...

Ten Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds For Children

In choosing a dog for the family, itís a good idea we keep the children in mind. Some dogs are not tolerant of children and can be a threat to them. There are many breeds of dogs out there to choose from. Do your homework to see which one works the best with your family and especially your children....

AKC vs RBDA: Whatís The Difference?

What is all the hype about our dogs belonging to a club? Many pet owners do not even belong to a club. Dog owners, who take pride in their pets, will generally register their dogs in some kind of kennel club, especially if they plan to breed their dog. Registered dogs tend to cost a little more and are more appealing to dog buyers....

Breed Clubs: What Are They and Should You Join?

Breed clubs are national or regional organizations dedicated to specific breeds of dogs. They exist as a repository of knowledge that both the novice and experienced breeder can access. Even if you arenít a dog breeder, you can benefit from the knowledge that a breed club has to offer. If you are in the market for a particular breed of dog, the members of a breed club can give you insight into the nature of the dog and help you decide if that breed is the right one for you and your family. Investigate the different breed clubs and if one doesnít feel right, move on to the next....

Dog Breeders Gone Wild: 5 Things to Look Out For

New dog owners should always make sure that their purebred pup comes from a reputable and responsible breeder. This is really is the only way to ensure that the animal will be free of any medical or behavioral problems. If a breeder you speak with displays any of the following 5 behaviors, he or she probably isnít breeding healthy puppies in accordance with standards that have been set for the breed....

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