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Bichon Frise Female some training $600 a real Sweety

Bichon Frise puppies

It breaks our hearts to have to give up sweet little Buttons.I have to go back to work, we had a very unexpected finacial change.

It wouldn't be fair to Buttons to keep her crated while we are gone. She has the sweetest disposition. Is 100% crate trained, sleeping at night, naps, and time outs. She is so smart, already sits and stays very well, drops sticks and ugly things when she picks them up in the yard just by telling her to "Leave It". she has been trained to NEVER go through a doorway out side before we do and then only after telling her Outside and the same for coming in. Very good on the leash, she even heels well with out it. She is so smart and trainable. She just wants to please us. When we brush her coat she gets this puppy smile on her face, soooo cute.

She is adorable, smart and mostly house broken. Very few accidents she is starting to let us know when she has to go out, not totally there yet' but she's starting to get it.She comes with her crate and lots of toys, real cute leather collar with little pink flowers and her leather leash, food and water dish. this is the complete set up.

AKC registerable, all vet records, she needs 1 more puppy shot due in a couple of weeks, no worms and healthy as can be. Phone 503-254-8281 Paulette Strong
Portland, OR

Location: Portland, United States of America

Feb 13, 2011 #30452