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Jug Puppy

More Info: This puppy is a Jug puppy, he is 3/4 pug and 1/4 jack russell terrier. My mother bought him but was unprepared for the responsibility of a puppy she thought she could handle. She never had a dog before, always cats and found out that she preferred another indoor cat instead. We took him in, but we are not able to keep him, as I have a service dog, and I am only allowed one dog in the home, as we rent. We call him Sealy. He does have a umbilical hernia which was checked by the vet and the vet told us that he does not need it fixed, but can be easily fixed during neutering. It does not affect him at all. He is potty trained. Has a health certificate and all his shots. We would love to find him a home. He has a rehoming fee of $200.00. Please call anytime. I do have pictures I can send. Yvonne Johnson

Location: Lancaster, PA, United States of America

Jun 26, 2010 #23281